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Payment Options

There are several ways you can pay your rates. Including:

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is the easiest way to pay your rates – you don’t have to worry about organising payment, Council simply deducts the amount owing from your account when it is due, so there is no risk of late payment penalties. The amount deducted from your account will automatically be adjusted for you each time your rates change without the need to visit your bank.

You can set Direct Debit to be deducted weekly, fortnightly, monthly (on the 25th of each month), or quarterly (on the 25th of each quarter – the last day for rates payments). Contact our Rates team to discuss the correct level of payment. Each time you receive a rate account it will show the amount and date(s) of the direct debit. You can apply for a Direct Debit online or download and post us a Direct Debit Form (pdf, 83kb).

Pay by Visa or MasterCard

You can pay by credit card on the Pay my rates page of this website. Once you click the button on this page and you will be redirected to a secure Datacom payment page to complete the transaction. We charge a convenience fee of 1.5% per transaction for this service.  The fee amount will be displayed to you for review before your transaction is processed.

Internet banking

Payments can also be made using internet banking. Please refer to the payment instructions on your invoice or rates notice for the relevant information to set this up.

In Person

Rates can be paid in person at any Council Offices. All offices can accept payment by EFTPOS, as well as by cash or credit card. Visa and Mastercard are currently accepted at our offices. Paying by credit card at council offices incurs a convenience fee of 1.25%.

Payment by cheque - no longer accepted

Due to banks no longer issuing cheques, we are no longer accepting these as a form of payment. Please consider one of the above payment options, or speak to your bank about alternative options.