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Camping and Dump Stations

Overnight Camping

Motor homes and caravans are a popular way for visitors to see our district. There are plenty of places in the district for visitors to stay the night or for a few days.

Our Freedom Camping Bylaw came into effect on Wednesday, 20 December 2023, and you can see the full details here.

The following reserves provide restricted spaces for camping, provided that the Freedom Camping Bylaw rules are followed:

Te Aroha:

  • Boyd Park
  • Herries Memorial Park (council carpark)
  • Waihou Recreation Reserve
  • Waitoa Railway Reserve
  • Wairongomai Carpark


  • Morrinsville Recreation Ground (main carpark)
  • Waterworks Road Reserve (Te Miro Forest)


  • Hetana Street Reserve
  • Pohlen Park
  • Wairere Falls Carpark
  • Also, low cost camping facilities are available at Firth Tower Museum

For all the detailed maps and the number of vehicles allowed in each spot, click here.


Campervan Dump Stations

We ask that visitors travelling in motor homes dispose of their wastewater responsibly by visiting a dump station. Dump Stations are small facilities that are connected to the reticulated sewerage system, and help to protect the environment by ensuring waste from motor homes is disposed of correctly.

Council provides three dump stations in the Matamata-Piako District. They are located at:

  • Te Aroha - Te Aroha Boat Ramp Reserve, Terminus Street
  • Matamata - Rockford Street
  • Morrinsville - Morrinsville Recreation Grounds, Cureton Street

If you are travelling further than just through the Matamata-Piako District, the Ministry of Tourism publishes a guide that lists the locations of dump stations for black & grey waste water all around New Zealand. Click here to access this guide online