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Noise Control

Noise is part of our everyday lives, but excessive or unreasonable noise can cause frustration for many people. Under the Resource Management Act 1991, Council's Planning department (who manage noise control for the Matamata-Piako District) can control excessive or unreasonable noise to help reduce this frustration.

Noise control problems can occur at any time of year, however, there is often a large increase in the number of complaints about unreasonable noise as we head towards summer.

People’s tolerance to noise varies greatly depending on their circumstances. Council makes every effort resolve noise complaints, however noise issues are generally very complex. Noise complaints are assessed by experienced officers who will determine whether they consider the noise to be excessive.

What is excessive noise?

Excessive noise needs to be unreasonable. This generally does not include noise generated by people going about their normal lives. Sound generated at one property that can be heard at another property does not necessarily mean that the noise is excessive.

Excessive noise can occur (and be responded to by Council) at any time of the day or night. It's a common misconception that Council can't take noise enforcement action outside of certain hours (such as before 10.00 pm).

If you have any queries about noise control or would like to make a complaint, phone Council on 0800 746 467.