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Plan Change 54: Papakāinga

Important note:

We made a mistake and advertised the wrong papakāinga rules – the ones we advertised were an earlier version before we incorporated community feedback.

Due to this clerical error, to comply with the Resource Management Act we need to seek Council’s approval to withdraw this plan change and re-advertise it. We are working through this regulatory process now.  Any submissions to the current plan change (before it is withdrawn) are going to need to be resubmitted once it is re-advertised.

We know this plan change is of huge significance to the Māori community, and we sincerely apologise for getting it wrong. It’s important to us too. We’re working on the timeline for re-advertising the plan change now - we aim to do this before Christmas and keep it open until after Waitangi Day. We hope that this timeline will encourage lots of great conversations about the future when whānau come together for the holidays.

So if you've got thoughts or ideas, hold onto them and share them with us once we re-advertise the plan change. If you want to be notified when submissions open, sign up to the District Plan mailing list at

Illustration of a Papakāinga

We’re proposing some new rules to better enable Papakāinga development in Matamata-Piako, and we want to know what you think.

The Papakāinga Plan Change (PC 54) seeks to include new rules that enable quality papakāinga development that supports the social, cultural and economic wellbeing of tangata whenua.

One of the key aspects of the Plan Change is the creation of a new zone called the Māori Purpose Zone. The Māori Purpose Zone is proposed to have two separate precincts.

Precinct 1 - Papakāinga Tahi

Sites that are proposed to be re-zoned as Papakāinga Tahi (MPZ-PREC1) have existing marae and directly adjoining Māori freehold blocks. The MPZ-PREC1 will provide the most enabling provisions for papakāinga by: 

  • Increasing housing density in comparison to rural zoning by proposing one residential unit per 5000m2 of site area, up to a maximum of 10 residential units; and
  • Establishment of home businesses and small-scale community facilities, education facilities, healthcare facilities, urupa, relocatable buildings and accessory buildings.

Precinct 2 - Papakāinga Rua

Sites that are proposed to be rezoned as Papakāinga Rua (MPZ-PREC2) have existing papakāinga. These sites are connected to Council services and therefore have the ability to provide for further housing, subject to maintaining appropriate standards of amenity. Please refer to the maps of ‘Rukumoana Road’ and ‘Raungaiti Marae’ to view these sites.

These sites will be able to build one house per 500m2 of site area, if they are under the title of:

  • Māori Freehold land; or
  • A legal mechanism is put in place to ensure the land will be maintained in whanau ownership in perpetuity.

District Wide Provisions

For sites that are not included in the new Māori Purpose Zone, we are including provisions that will enable papakāinga development on Māori Freehold Land, General Land owned by Māori (if it can be demonstrated there is an ancestral connection and a legal mechanism in place to ensure the land is maintained in whanau ownership in perpetuity), and Treaty Settlement Land in the Rural and Rural-Residential Zone.

Just like any development on private property, the cost to develop falls on the property owners. Council, through the District Plan, sets the guidelines for papakāinga and how the district can develop and grow, but does not contribute to the development costs. It will be up to the landowners to decide if/when they wish to develop papakāinga on their land, and to fund the development. There are national funds available that may assist to establish papakāinga.

Notification of Plan Change and Engagement

Notification of Plan Change and Engagement

Get involved – Submissions and Engagement

We want to hear from you! If you’re keen to join the conversation around this plan change or need more information, here are some simple ways you can connect with us:

  • Pick up a submission form from any Council office (see the important note at the top of this page before making a submission)
  • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0800 746 467 and ask to speak to Kumesh Naidu about the Papakāinga Plan Change.

Check out the plan change information below;

Public Notice

Brochure (in sheet format)

Section 32 Assessment


Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost ratepayers?

Council is not undertaking any Papakāinga development – we are just reviewing the rules to enable these developments to occur, if the landowners wish to. The only costs are administrative costs to make changes to the plan and consult with the community, which we are required to do under the Resource Management Act.  

Plan Change Process


Consultation with iwi/stakeholders working group




Informal public consultation

25 January 2022


Notified for public submissions

8 November 2022


Council calls for further submissions

Early 2023*

Hearing Commissioners to consider submissions

Mid 2023*

Plan change decision notified, Environment Court appeal period

Mid 2023*

Plan change operative

Mid/late 2023*

Consultation so far

*Note that the process timeline above shows the entire plan change process. Timeframes are indicative only as the plan change process is fluid. The dates will change from time to time as we work through this process

Additional Information

We want to hear from you! If you’re keen to join the conversation around this plan change or need more information, here are some simple ways you can connect with us:

  • Complete the submission form
  • Come and korero with the team at one of the upcoming market days:
    • Matamata market - 12 Nov
    • Te Aroha Country market (Mangaiti) - 20 Nov
    • Morrinsville Country market - 3 Dec
  • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Call 0800 746 467 and ask to speak to Kumesh Naidu about the Papakainga Plan Change