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Draft Annual Plan 2023/24

What we projected this year's rates increase to be (back in 2021)
Proposed rates increase
for 2023/24

What's driving the increase?

We know that 16.9% is a big increase - and it isn’t a plan we make lightly. The increases reflect the cost pressures that are coming at us from all directions: inflation, interest rates, insurance, tougher water regulations and central government reforms and more. Most of these things we have no choice but to fund, and the majority of our funding comes from rates.

Here is a summary of how the 16.9% increase breaks down. Check out the consultation document or the FAQs below for a more detailed explanation of these increases:

  • +4.4% for increased cost of asset replacements (roads, water and wastewater treatment plants and pipes, etc)
  • +3.3% for changes to kerbside collections
  • +2.7% for water supply operating costs
  • +2% for transfer station operations 
  • +1.7% for interest rate increases 
  • +1.6% for electricity costs 
  • +1.2% for small increases across other Council budgets 

Your rates increase will vary depending on the property value and the services you receive

We need to collect just over $7 million more in rates next year (a 16.9% increase), but that doesn't mean everyone's rates will increase by 16.9%. This is because some rates are 'targeted' - or only charged to the people who receive that service - like kerbside collection, or water supply, or wastewater.

Search for your property to see exactly how the proposed changes will affect you

The consultation document also includes some example properties so you can see how the proposed increase effects the different property types.

Online conversation cafe

In addition to in-person meetings we also had an online question and answer session. If you're looking for a specific question please check the video chapters below.

Video chapters
00:00 - Introductions
06:40 - Question: Is this dictated from Central Government?
08:45 - Question: was there an option to have the food waste collection delayed and the cost delayed as well?
09:20 - Question: my rates are upmore than 20%, what is the long term plan for rates increases in future years, can we expect such big jumps in the next 10 years?
11:08 - Question: If Taumata Arowai want to do additional testing can't they fund that themselves?
11:38 - Question: Who has got the new contract for the rubbish collection?
11:55 - Question: My rates are going up to 20.17% so not the average as this is higher for many people, what can I potentially do myself to manage their costs to afford that?
13:30 - Question: Given staff are councils biggest asset, I'd like to know what portion of the rates increase will go towards staff salaries?
15:04 - Question: Is Central Governmentgoing to take over resource management?
16:40 - Question: Is staff pay linked to CPI?
17:48 - Question: What is the estimated rates increase in terms of net value?
18:12 - Question: Can we delay some of the increase until next year to spread it out?
19:20 - Question: Why do I have to pay for a rubbish collection when I live rurally and don't receive a collection service?
20:10 - Question: I know rates rebates are available for some rate payers, so could there be some sort of rebate made available for single income and this would include those who are working and on a single income?
21:22 - Question: How is the benefit of the increase apportioned across the District?
21:55 - Question: If we were to borrow now to offset the rate increase, how much difference is that likely to make?
22:30 - Question: Would it be useful to do an advertising blitz leading up to close off date to make sure that people do submit?
23:00 - Question: Can I come along and listen to the hearing on the 7th of June?
23:25 - Question: Why are you unable to collect rubbish from businesses in town any longer?
25:01 - Question: How can you commit to a waste collection system when the rate increase to cover is only now being consulted on? Are our bins already paid for?
25:38 - Question: What happens to the bins used for businesses in the business zone, do business owners get to keep them?
26:18 - Question: If the 16.9% increase isn't the same for everybody how do I find out what mine is?
26:58 - Question: Why is the cost of drinking water going up by so much?
27:57 - Question: I currently pay a private collector to collect my rubbish, so why do I have to pay for the council collection service when I don't use it?
29:44 - Question: Has there been any thought given to improving the dog pound in Waihou?
31:25 - Question: Who supplies the power for Council services and can we negotiate better deals?
33:28 - Question: Do we need to pay for our new rubbish bins coming in September?
34:36 - Question: Does committing to a 10 year rubbish collection service mean that it's more expensive at first but comparatively less expensive later on or does the rubbish contract cost still ramp up as the contract goes along?
35:07 - Question: What size bin are being delivered to households? Are the rubbish bins the same size as the recycling bin?
36:04 - Question: It'd be awesome to have a pool open year round in Te Aroha or Morrinsville, is there possibility of having an indoor pool facility in either of these two towns?
37:10 - Question: How likely or how often would MPDC actively force sale of a home for unpaid rates?
39:21 - Question: Is there any update on when the recreation ground refurbishment is starting?
41:30 - Question: Do you think it's appropriate to spend over $8m on the Te Aroha pools in the current financial climate?
43:20 - Question: It's disappointing as a person living along that recycles including soft plastics that I pay the same as a family of five in the same street, and the same with as water; Is there any chance MPDC might consider rebates for single occupants who aren't retired and are kind of cross-subsidizing others?
44:52 - Question: Regarding the Te Aroha Spas, is there a possibility that they could introduce a local resident's discount for use?
46:40 - Closing and feedback

More detail

Read a summary of what is being proposed (including what's driving the increase)

Read the draft Annual Plan 2023/24 in full


Make a submission

Our options this year are limited due to the nature of what is driving the proposed 16.9% rate increase.  We believe this draft budget strikes a balance - it includes a number of cut backs, as well as some risks in how we manage our finances to keep rates down, but it also means we can continue to deliver all our existing services and make progress on projects that are already under way.

We know that 16.9% is a massive increase - but we’re also wary of deferring any more costs, as prices only go up.

There are a few areas that we could partially fund or take greater risks (we’ve provided examples in the consultation document), however, we don’t believe these options would be financially responsible. They would only make the overall rates increase slightly smaller (lowering it to around 14.6%), and are likely to cause problems or even bigger increases in years to come. 

If you think that those risks are worth taking and that we should kick these costs to the future for the sake of saving 2.3% this year, then we want to know about it. If you can think of anything else we haven’t considered to make significant savings that can be implemented as soon as 1 July (noting that we legally can’t make drastic service cuts without a lengthy Long Term Plan review) then we’d also love to hear your ideas.

Submissions are now closed.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I can't afford this?

If you aren’t going to be able to afford your rates with this increase please contact us to discuss options with our rates team. 

Note that if you had a low income during the 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023 financial year, you may be eligible for a rates rebate of up to $700. You can find more information about rates rebates here

Project Timeline


Consultation opens

8 May


Consultation closes

4pm, 26 May


7 June

Council consider submissions and make decisions

7 June

Changes/amendments made to plan and budgets

7 - 27 June

Council adopt final Annual Plan 2023/24

28 June

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