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Long Term Plan

Ki tua o te pae | Planning ahead

One of the common criticisms of Council is that we don't plan ahead - we don't plan for growth, or increased demand on water supplies, or to replace our facilities.

That's not true. We do a LOT of forward planning (and are required to by law). But most of it goes on behind the scenes. To help give you confidence in our forward planning, we've decided to open up this process and provide insigft into all the work going on behind the scenes as we plan for the future. 

About the Long Term Plan

Every three years we develop a plan for the next ten years - this is called a Long Term Plan

This plan outlines our vision for the future of our community and how we're going to get there. It includes: 

  • info on the type of district our communities have told us they want
  • the key projects that will take place over the next 10 years.
  • an overview of the services and activities we will provide for the next 10 years, and the standard we will provide those services to
  • how much this will all cost and how we will fund it. 

This ten year plan is also guided by two other key documents:

  • our Infrastructure Strategy | Rautaki Hangarau -  a 30 year strategy for how we will manage our core infrastructure (water, wastewater, stormwater, roads and footpaths, and our community facilities) and cater for growth and demand
  • our Financial Strategy | Rautaki Puutea - the strategy that helps guide all the decisions in the Long Term Plan and Infrastructure Strategy to ensure they are prudent, and to ensure that we and the community, fully understand the effect of these decisions on our services, our rates and our debt

What has been done so far

Growth Projections and Economic data - we have subscribed to the Infometrics Data Service, which provides us (and the community) with access to the latest data on the Matamata-Piako and New Zealand.

This data helps us understand how our communities are likely to grow and change. This information informs all of our planning (for example - ensuring our infrastructure can meet the needs of projected growth, and if not, planning to increase it)

Water metering report - One of our continual challenges is managing demand for water. One common way Councils manage this is through water meters. We sought an independant review into whether water meters would be a feasible option in the Matamata-Piako District. The recommendation from this review was that the costs outwiegh the benefits at this point in time. Based on this review, Council is not considering water meters as part of this Long Term Plan. 

Activity Reviews - Council have reviewed all the different services and activities that are currently provided, and the standard of service each one provides (for example, how quickly we will process consents, how long we take to repair water leaks, how often we will mow reserves etc. 


What we've consulted on so far

To help create a plan that reflects the wants and needs of the community, we need your feedback and direction.

During 2020, we've sought feedback from the community on several topics to help guide our planning. 

Check out the links below for more about what we asked, what you told us and how that is informing our planning.

Parks and Open Spaces Strategy

Parks and Open Spaces Strategy

We’re reviewing our Open Spaces Strategy – the strategy that guides what types of parks and spaces we provide, how many there are, where they are located, and how we look after them for the next 30 years. We ran two surveys seeking feedback to provide direction for this strategy. You'll also be invited to review and make comments on the draft strategy before Council adopts it - this is likely to be in early 2021.
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Rates and Debt

Rates and Debt

Every three years we are required to develop and consult on a 10 year plan. We’re currently working on our plan for 2021-2031. To help us create a plan that reflects the wants and needs of our community, we asked for feedback on how we should manage our debt and future rates increases.

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Parks and Open Spaces Strategy

Your Voice, Your Vision

We’re working on the Long Term Plan for our district and are already planning a number of improvements to help Matamata-Piako become ‘the place of choice – lifestyle, opportunities, home’ but we also invited the community to submit ideas, and vote in support of others’ ideas.

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Parks and Open Spaces Strategy

Trash Talk - the future of rubbish and recycling in the district

In 2023 we will be reviewing the current contract for the collection and management of rubbish and recycling within the district. To help us with our forward planning, we asked for your thoughts on some options for the future of rubbish and recycling services.   

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Background planning and research

January 2020

Early consultation (to provide direction)

 July/August 2020


Council considers and refines budgets - Oct - Dec 2020

Draft consultation document

December 2020

Independent Audit

Auditors review consultation document and underlying information - January 2021

Approval for consultation

Changes are made following audit, Council approve documents for consultation - February 2021


March/April 2021


 Submitters can choose to present their submission in person - Date?

Long Term Plan adopted

Changes are made following consultation and final audit, and the Long Term Plan must be adopted by 30 June 2021