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Business Night Out 2021 - Cancelled due to COVID-19 Restrictions

Starting on October 14, 2021 18:00

Local businesses won’t have their annual big night out next month, following Council’s decision to cancel its major awards evening.

Council discussed the Bayleys Business Night Out, one of the biggest in the district’s calendar year, at its latest meeting, deciding to put the safety of the community first.

Mayor Ash said cancelling the October event wasn’t an easy decision – especially after so much work had gone in to it.   We were looking forward to welcoming Dr Paul Wood as our guest speaker, hearing his powerful journey of transformation. It’s also disappointing for our sponsors, Bayleys, CooperAitken, Fonterra and Mediaworks, we thank them for their continued support and look forward to working with them in 2022.

“We really wanted this to be a time to come together, celebrate what we have, how well we have done through the last 18 months. However, having a largescale event so soon after a lockdown just isn’t wise.

“The delta strain isn’t something we are willing to risk spreading. Even while the risk is low with no known cases in Waikato, COVID has proven to be a very unpredictable beast. Anything could happen in the next five weeks.”

COVID had changed the landscape of the business awards last year, when Council made the decision to leave out the category awards. Council thought businesses were under enough pressure without needing to provide all the necessary documentation to apply for one of the categories.

“It was the right decision and we just looked towards creating an opportunity for businesses to have a great night out. And that’s exactly what we had, while still shining the light on People’s Choice and Contribution to Business and Community.”

Mayor Ash said he had high hopes for 2022, and aims to see the Bayleys Business Night Out return.

“Businesses, whether small or large, work hard to keep the wheels turning and COVID is very hard to navigate through. So after two consecutive years of lockdowns, I am keeping my hopes high that 2022 is the year we will be uninterrupted and we can come together to celebrate.”  





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