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Speaker Series 2024

Libraries Speaker Series 2024

From 29 February to 14 March, our local libraries hosted a speaker series to inspire and inform our communities about local issues. If you missed out - don't worry - most of our sessions were recorded and will be made available to view below.

Brad Olsen

The rates debate: are we getting our money’s worth?

Speaker: Brad Olsen 

If you’re interested in dollars and sense when it comes to how your rates are spent, join one of New Zealand’s leading economic commentators Brad Olsen as he tackles the knotty topic of local council rates, what they pay for and the impact of central government decisions on local government wallets. Brad is passionate about using economics to make better informed decisions and has the ability to communicate complex and detailed trends in a simple, relatable, and useful way. Come along to hear Brad’s take on rates and whether you’re getting your money’s worth.

View the session recording here.

Paul Thomas

Saving a heritage town – the Reefton Revival story

Speaker: Paul Thomas 

Reefton revivalist Paul Thomas has a 30year tale of a community banding together to breathe fresh life into the historic inland town, famous for its gold rush, electricity and Tohu Whenua heritage. The now vibrant and bustling town, with many similarities to our local gem Te Aroha, is a tribute to some fiercely loyal locals who worked together to transform Reefton into a popular tourist destination, attractive to entrepreneurial investors and new residents seeking a lifestyle change. Grab a cuppa and come along to hear Paul’s inspiring message of shared local vision producing inspiring results.

View the session recording here.

Megan Courtney

The power of citizens and communities

Speaker: Megan Courtney

Want to be part of making your community thrive but not sure how? Inspiring Communities founding member Megan Courtney will bring an inspirational discussion of big thinking and practical stories of locals doing great stuff in their communities. Megan is a firm believer in the power of local people doing amazing things and loves working alongside communities to help make locally-led action happen. If you’re someone who’s itching to see great things happen in your local community but not quite sure how to get started or bring others with you, this interactive session is for you.

View the session recording here.

Illustration of a dump truck dropping rubbish at a landfill

Why does free water cost so much?

Speaker: Karl Pavlovich

'Very worthwhile' and 'more people need to know this stuff' was the main feedback from attendees at Morrinsville Library last Thursday night.  Water and wastewater Manager Karl Pavlovich discussed the impact of central government reforms, the growing costs facing local councils, our district’s plan of attack when dealing with water woes and what our communities can expect in the future.

Participants then took the opportunity to ask any water related questions they had and left with a greater understanding about how our district tackles the important job of managing drinking water, storm water and wastewater.

View the session recording here.

Loren Molloy

From panic to preparedness: how to be ready when (natural) disasters strike. 

Speaker: Loren Molloy

Big thanks to those who came along to our first Speaker Series session in Te Aroha last Thursday! Loren covered a range of topics including earthquakes, floods, tank explosions, and landslides. Plus, we learned about other things Civil Defence looks after, including water disruptions and power blackouts.

We also had a blast getting everyone involved in planning and packing their emergency kits. What would you take and what would you leave behind in an emergency? It was a great discussion!

This session was not recorded.