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Speed Management Plans

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We’re developing a Speed Management Plan for the district that aims to make our roads safer and work towards the national road safety strategy Road to Zero.

Localised Speed Management Plans are part of changes to the way we manage speeds throughout New Zealand. Rather than looking at speed limit changes on a street-by-street basis, the draft Speed Management Plan establishes principles for speed management in our district.


What's been done so far

Throughout 2022 we spent a considerable amount of time working with schools/kura and marae to understand their challenges around speed and road safety. 

We've also worked with a range of subject matter experts to understand the issues and opportunities for improvement on our road network (particularly relating to speed). These include:

  • Waka Kotahi/New Zealand Transport Agency
  • Consultants from Luke McCarthy Consulting
  • Council's Roading Engineers
  • Council's Planning team


What is being proposed

From this feedback we've developed an Interim Speed Management Plan that focuses on lowering speed limits and improving safety infrastructure around schools/kura, marae, town centres and some local roads. 

Changes to speed limits - The Speed Management Plan includes changes to speed limits on a number of local roads - particularly reducing speeds around schools (in line with new national rules) and lowering speeds in our town centres to make them safer for pedestrians.  

View an interactive map of the proposed speed limit changes

It's important to note that this is a ten year plan - we won't be changing these speed limits overnight. The implementation of these changes would start from 2024, initially focusing on schools. 

Safety infrastructure - there's more to safer speeds than just speed limits. The draft Speed Management Plan also identifies a significant number of infrastructure improvements like crossings, islands, road markings, signage and more. 

Like the speed limits, these are improvements we'd look to implement over the next ten years, focussing on schools first. Identifying them as part of this plan will help inform our forward planning - like future budgeting processes, and our funding agreements with Waka Kotahi. 

Learn more

Use the button below to view the draft Plan in full. Also check out the 'Related Documents' box to the right, or FAQs below for other background information that may be helpful in making a submission. 

Interim Speed Management Plan


Have your say

We want to hear your views on this draft plan - simply click the button below to complete your submission. Submissions are open until 4.30pm on 14 April 2023.

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We're also happy to meet with any groups/organisations to discuss this plan. If you'd like to arrange a time to meet with us please contact us on 07 884 0060.


Frequently Asked Questions
What is good speed management?

Good speed management improves safety, saves lives and prevents serious injuries.

Speed management also helps to reduce harmful emissions and noise pollution, makes communities more liveable and attractive, and improves our health and wellbeing.

Project Timeline


Talking with key stakeholders

Throughout 2022



Drafting Interim Speed Management Plan

Jan-Mar 2023


Council approve draft Interim Speed Management Plan

8 March 2023


Consultation on Interim Speed Management Plan

14 March - 14 April 2023

Hearing on Interim Speed Management Plan

3 May 2023

Council consider submissions/make decisions


Council adopt Interim Speed Management Plan

June 2023

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