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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you inter ashes into a burial plot?

Yes you can. The cost will be the fee for interring ashes.

Can you inter two people into the same plot?

No, not unless the second person is cremated or the extra depth was purchased previously.

Can the family backfill a plot?

Yes they can, however this needs to be arranged prior to the burial. The plot must then be checked by the contractor.

Can I purchase a plot in the RSA section?

You aren't able to reserve a plot in the RSA sections of the Te Aroha and Piako cemeteries. The Matamata Cemetery has an ashes wall that allows for reservations. In ground ashes and burials aren't able to be reserved, at the time of internment the next available RSA plot will be allocated to the applicant. Approval to be buried in the RSA section is granted by the local RSA. 

Morrinsville 07 889 7014

Matamata 07 888 7190

Te Aroha 07 884 8124

I purchased a plot a few years ago but no longer require it; will Council buy it back from me?

Yes, Council will buy back the plot for the price it was originally purchased for at the time of reservation. Applications must be made on the relevant Council form.

I no longer wish to use my plot; can I give it to someone else?

Yes, you can transfer the plot to another person. This needs to be done in writing using the relevant Council form.

What size/type of monument can I put on my plot?

Materials and maximum monument size vary depending on what type of plot you purchase. View the regulations here.