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Cemetery Fees and Charges

Fees effective from 1 July 2024

Plot Type


Adult Section $2,895
Child Section $1,443
Single ashes $777
Single ashes wall $606
Double ashes wall $905
Deposit to reserve a plot 50% of plot type/value

Interment fees

Adult burial $2,143
Child burial (14 years and younger) $1,067
Ashes (in ground) $299
Ashes (in wall, including plaque installation) $256
Late interment fee (arrival at Cemetery more than 1 hour after specified burial time, this will be charged in addition to the relevant interment charge) $170

Disinterment fees

Adult or child  At cost
Ashes (wall or in-ground) $299

Matamata Cemetery only

Single RSA ashes wall (Wall  2)
Single RSA ashes wall (Wall 3) $615
Two adjacent single plots for a double interment RSA ashes wall  $905
Matamata Memorial Garden $248

Piako Cemetery Stillborn Memorial

Plaque installation only - no interment $145
Interment only $256
Plaque installation and interment $299

Te Aroha Cemetery

Stillborn (plaque installation only, no interment) $145

Additional fees (if applicable)

Vase Installation (Ashes Walls) $85
Plaque/Memorial Installation (Ashes Walls) $85
Breaking concrete & reinstatement (per m3 concrete and hourly rate) At cost
Weekend fees (burial only) $606
Weekend fees (ashes only) $256
Public holiday fee (burial only) $803
Public holiday fee (ashes only) $461
Request to change reserved plot $60
Request to change warrant $120
Request to sell reserved plot back to Council $60
Admin fee for unpaid reserved plot $60
Monument Installation application fee $70
Monument Installation application fee - RSA No charge

Purchasing or reserving a plot can be done at any of Council’s area offices. This can be done either as a pre-purchase or through a funeral director at the time of interment. Applications must be made on a Council approved form. You may purchase a maximum of two plots at one time.


All applications for interment must be done on the correct Council form. This can be done either through a funeral director for a full burial or private persons for an ashes burial. Applications must be made within a minimum of nine working hours before the burial is to take place. If the burial is to occur on a weekend, Council needs to be informed before 2pm the Thursday prior.

Council’s contractors prepare the plot for either occupied or unoccupied plots. However, upon application, the family may backfill the plot if they desire.

All ashes placed into the ashes wall must be interred in an ashes box. The plaque sealing the ashes inside the wall needs to be pre-ordered and ready to be installed at the time of interment.

Council reserves the right to request a Proof of Authority when interring into a pre-purchased or already occupied plot.

Maximum interments per plot:

Single adult burial plot - one casket, four sets of ashes.

Single children's burial plot - one child sized casket, two sets of ashes.

Single ashes plot (in ground) - two sets of ashes.