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Building Control Fees

Building Control Fees

All charges are 15% GST inclusive. Effective 1 July 2022

Project category

Consent fees 

Minor works
(Category 1 level 1) 

  • Solid fuel heaters
  • Plumbing or drainage
  • Demolition
  • Garden shed (up to 20 m2)
  • Solar heating panels
  • Marquees
  • Installation of basic warning system

Minor building works
(Category 1 level 2)

  • Carports
  • Para pools and equivalent type
  • Decks/pergolas
  • Shade sails/archgolas
  • Retaining walls

Standard buildings (non-habitable)
(Category 1 level 1)

  • Garages
  • Hay barns
  • Implement sheds
  • Concrete masonry swimming pools
  • Conservatories

(Category 2 or 3)

  • Bridges
  • Reservoirs
  • Dams
  • Tanks
  • Retaining walls

Detached habitable buildings with no plumbing or drainage
(Category 1 level 1)

  • Sleepout
  • Alterations and additions up to 30 m2
  • Cowshed extensions

Detached Habitable Buildings with Plumbing and Drainage
(Category 1 level 1)

  • Sleepout with toilet and shower
    Alterations and Additions up to 30 m2

Alterations and additions up to 60 m2
(Category 1 level 2)

Other new buildings up to 60 m2, eg industrial workshop, commercial office (excludes dwellings)

Dairy sheds
(Category 1 level 2)
Re-sited/Transportable dwellings
(Category 1 level 2)
Dwelling single  storey up to 100 m2
(Category 1 level 2)
Dwelling single storey up to 250 m2
(Category 1 level 2)
Dwelling single storey in excess of 250 m2
(Category 1 level 2)
Dwelling two storey or more up to 250 m2
(Category 2)
Dwelling two storey or more in excess of 250 m2
(Category 2)
Small commercial/industrial up to 300 m2
(Category 1 level 2)
Commercial/industrial in excess of 300 m2
(Category 2 or 3)
At cost + $700

Multi use consents (Dwellings)


Compliance schedules (new)

Compliance schedules (amendments)



Section 77 Building Act 2004 Certificate for construction over two allotments External legal costs + 10%
Section 73 Building Act 2004 Notice when building on land subject to a natural hazard Actual costs + 10%
Building warrant of fitness audit $175 per hour
Minor Variations to building consents $275
Major Amendment to a building consent At Cost + $275
Certificate for Public Use $512.50
Certificate of Acceptance Cost of original consent, plus per hour cost
Peer review At cost + 10%
Inspection of re-locatable buildings - Additional travel costs apply to inspections outside the district at $0.80 per km $480
Pool inspections $175
Pool fence exemptions $650
Notice to fix $300
Exempt building work $87.50
Extension of time $263
PIM Only Applications $625
Stock Underpasses $1077
Record of Title $25
Sale of Building Consent Information $32
Application for a Building Certificate for Liquor Licence $262.50
Inspection of premises for fire safety and access for people with disabilities $262.50

Amusement Devices

  • For 1 device in the first seven days
  • For each additional device for the first seven days
  • For each device for every seven day period after first listing



Extra inspections - Additional inspections where client requests an inspection where-by project was not ready or inspection was not covered by the standard fee $175 per hour
Other Building Act processes not listed $175 per hour


Note - Additional fees may apply

  1. All fees stated are inclusive of GST.
  2. The above fees are building consent fees only. You may incur additional fees for planning and engineering approval, if required.
  3. Should any particular job significantly exceed the set fee, an additional charge based on the actual time will be payable.
  4. Fixed charges are payable on application. At the end of processing, inspection fees and additional levies may be payable, by cash, credit card or by online banking. 
  5. Building consent fees include the cost of the Code Compliance Certificate.
  6. We are required to collect fees on behalf of others:
    • Building Research Association Levy
      For every building consent with an estimated value of $20,000 and over, $1.00 per $1000 is payable.
      (NB: GST is not applicable to this levy.)
    • Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Levy
      For every building consent with an estimated value of $20,444 and over, $1.75 GST inc per $1000 is payable.
      For every building consent major amendment where original consent was issued before 1 July 2020, $2.01 per $1,000 is payable.
    • Development Contributions
      Please be aware that there could be a development contribution fee charged for your building project. Development Contributions are payable under the Local Government Act 2002 for some projects. A Code Compliance Certificate will not be issued until the Development Contributions applicable to the project are paid in full. Development Contributions are adjusted at 1 July each year in accordance with our Development Contributions Policy.
  7. Lapsed consents: Building consents lapsed prior to the first inspection being carried out will be refunded the charge already paid, less the cost of the work already carried out.