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Stock Underpasses

Our roads are one of Council's biggest assets (they're worth over $400 million!), so Council aims to protect them and maintain them. One way to maintain our roads (and reduce issues between stock and traffic) is to encourage the installation of stock underpasses. Stock underpasses don't just benefit the roads, but can benefit farmers as well:

  • They are safer for farmers, stock, and road users
  • They save time and money (e.g. signs, maintenance, drover attendance, clean up etc)
  • The crossing is less stressful to stock, resulting in increased productivity and reduced loss time.

Do I have to have an underpass?

If stock movement across a road is in excess of the limits specified in Schedule 17 of the Land Transport Bylaw, you may be required to install an approved stock underpass.

For more information on the requirements for stock movement and stock underpasses see:

The Land Transport Bylaw, Section 4, Stock Movement on Roads

Part B, Section 5.8 of the District Plan - Regular Stock Movements within a Road

How do I apply to build a Stock Underpass?

Installing a stock underpass under a Council road requires two separate approvals from Council:

  • A Building Consent for the underpass structure in accordance with the Building Act 2004; and
  • Approval from Matamata-Piako District Council as the Roading Control Authority to construct the underpass within the road reserve.

Depending on the location of the underpass and the associated works, you may also require a Resource Consent to construct the underpass. Contact Council's Duty Planner on 07 884 0060 to discuss whether Resource Consent is required.

Note that to construct an underpass within a State Highway (not a Council road), you will need to obtain roading approval from New Zealand Transport Agency.

To apply for approval from MPDC as the Roading Control Authority you need to submit an application to Council, including:

  • A recent copy of the certificate of title for each property serviced by the underpass.
  • A traffic management plan including proposals for full or partial road closures.
  • Complete a Corridor Access Request through Before u Dig
  • Details of the construction methodology.
  • Public liability insurance.
  • A site specific safety plan.
  • Copies of the plans and specifications and the design review producer statements (PSI) for the underpass design.
  • A soil or geotechnical report on the underpass sub-base will be required prior to installation.
  • Fees payable for the application.
  • Names of the Approved Contractors and Engineers that will undertake the work.
  • Completed Memorandum of Encumbrance with Council to undertake works and construct an underpass in Council road reserve.

 To apply to build a Stock Underpass, download and complete an Application Checklist for Stock Underpasses (pdf, 56kb)