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Rules, Strategies & Bylaws

District Plan

Part B, Section 9.1 of the District Plan outlines the rules for Access, Parking and Loading.


Development Manual

Part 3 Road Works of the MPDC Development Manual outlines rules for road works, vehicle crossings, parking, stock crossings and more



Rural Roads Fence Encroachment Strategy (pdf, 108kb)

This strategy outlines the management and licensing of areas of rural roads being fenced for the grazing of stock (by the adjoining property owner/occupier)

Giveway Strategy (pdf, 29kb)
The Give Way Strategy outlines the rules for the installation of Give Way signs.

Road Safety Strategy (pdf, 120kb)
Council's Road Safety Strategy outlines how we aim to reduce the incidence and severity of crashes in the Matamata-Piako area.

Road Maintenance Strategy
Information about Council's priorities and processes for road maintenance

Stock Control Strategy (pdf, 149kb)

This strategy outlines our practice for the for the movement of stock on Council administered rural roads.

Vehicle Crossing Strategy (pdf, 102kb)
This strategy outlines Council’s practice for the management of vehicles accessing private property from the public road.



Bylaws are local legislation enforceable by the Council staff, and other nominated agencies. In 2008 most of Council’s Bylaws were reviewed and have been combined to form the Consolidated Bylaw. The section of the Consolidated Bylaw most relevant to vehicles and roading is the Land Transport Bylaw


Emergency Plans

Emergency Road Procedures Manual (pdf, 1.3mb)

Emergency Road Procedures Manual Appendices (pdf, 3.3mb)