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Food and Health

This activity contributes to the health and safety of our communities by ensuring that food and health activities are undertaken in accordance with relevant legislation.  This includes the registration and auditing of food premises, licensing of hairdressers, funeral directors, camping grounds, mobile shops and stalls.


Under the Act, food businesses are required to be operating under either a food control plan or one of three levels of national programmes depending on the food sector that a food business belongs to.

Hairdressers, Funeral and Camping Grounds

There are business premises in the community, other than food premises, that have a potential to put public health at risk.  These include hairdressers, camping grounds, premises used by funeral directors and mortuaries.

These premises must be registered under the Health (Registration of Premises) Regulations 1966. These premises are subject to annual registration under the Health Act and are inspected on a regular basis to ensure compliance with legislative requirements relating to each type of business premise.

Food Stalls & Mobile Shops

Any person wanting to run a stall to prepare or handle packaged or unpacked food for retail sale generally needs a licence.  Even if the person has a food premises registration for a fixed premise or manufacturing facility, a separate licence for a stall is needed from the Matamata-Piako District Council.

Mobile food vehicles are a great way to take your food business on the road and be where the customers are.  A mobile shop licence is required by the Matamata-Piako District Council.