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Community Alerts with Antenno

Notifications - to you, from us

We offer a free mobile app that sends you notifications and alerts about places you care about.

Antenno is simple and easy to use and no personal information or log on details are required. Antenno will alert you to:

  • Rubbish and recycling days so you don't forget
  • Exciting council events happening around places you care about
  • Road closures so you don't get caught out
  • ...and so much more

Report things - from you, to us

You can also use Antenno to tell us about things that need fixing, or give us feedback, direct through the app. Seen some graffiti, found a water leak or a pot hole, or have a new idea? Go to the 'Your Report' menu, and add a report to tell us about it. For urgent Council related issues please phone 0800 746 467.

How to install

All you need to do is install the app from the App Store or Google Play and save places you care about, such as your home, work, rental property or school (save the actual address, eg, 35 Kenrick Street, Te Aroha). Antenno will notify you when something relevant to your chosen place(s) arises. Antenno is free and available on both Apple and Android smartphones.

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Why do I have to save places as specific addresses, why can't I save the whole district?

The aim of Antenno is to provide relevant information for places you care about. If it was broader, Antenno posts would start to resemble a social media feed that you need to sift through to find messages relevant to you. If something comes up that affects the entire town or district, you'll still receive a notification.

Can I opt out of a topic for a specific place?

Yes, even if the places are in the same suburb. As an example, if you save your work address and home address, you can choose to opt out of receiving recycling reminders for your work address.

Can I respond?

If you've found the post useful, you can thank us using the thumbs up icon. If you have an issue or feedback you'd like to send to Council, use the Reports function to send us a report.

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