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Croquet Club and Bowling Greens

The use of the Domain for playing croquet is part of a long tradition that is part of the heritage of the Domain and contributes to its character.

Bowling Greens

Bowling GreensThe bowling greens have been part of the Domain since the early 1900's with tournaments being held often attracting teams coming from the top half of the North Island.

There is currently no bowling club in the Te Aroha Domain but the lawns are maintained immaculately for the very active Te Aroha Croquet Club.





Croquet Club

Lower Croquet GreensThe Te Aroha Croquet Club lease the five greens and pavilion in the lower Domain area. The term is for 30 years from 1 April 1981 with a 30-year right of renewal. It is the Club's responsibility to maintain the buildings, shelters and the grounds. The grounds are used for local and national tournaments, and during tournaments 95-100 people can be using the greens.

The upper croquet greens are no longer used for competitions and tournaments, as these are too far from the lower greens and clubhouse facilities, however they have important historical significance in the Domain.


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