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Changes to kerbside collections

About the changes to kerbside collections

Alongside the Long Term Plan, Council consulted on and adopted the Waste Minimisation and Management Plan, which aims for Matamata-Piako to be zero waste by 2038.

As part of this commitment to reducing our waste, we consulted on changing the kerbside rubbish collection service (for those who receive it) to a wheelie bin for rubbish, a food scraps bin and recycling bins. This proposal received strong community support in 2021, with 87% of submitters supporting this change. This also aligns with the national changes currently being proposed by Ministry for the Environment for how rubbish is collected and processed across the country.

In September 2022 Waste Management NZ were awarded the contract for the next ten years starting in September 2023. The new service will include:

  • A residential food scraps bin – collected weekly
  • A wheelie bin for rubbish – collected fortnightly
  • Continued fortnightly kerbside collection of glass and recycling (same as the current service).

If you are a Commercial organisation, we are no longer doing kerbside collections for your area. To see more, including how to dispose of your waste, click here.

A few hot tips...
  • Make sure your wheelie bins are put out with the front logo facing the street. This will stop your wheels getting damaged and help the truck to grab the bin and empty it.
  • Keep the wheelie bins separated from the other bins by at least 30cm (the more the better!), this will  allow the truck arms to reach out and grab the bin safely.
  • If you live in an area with multiple houses, food scrap bins and glass bins can be grouped together. These get emptied by hand, so it’s quicker and easier for drivers to empty them at the same spot
  • Put out bins in order from smallest to largest (left to right) as driver approaches, this way they can see which bins you have out to be collected.
  • If your bin is only getting partially emptied, then it may be over-stuffed. The bins get tipped completely upside-down, so for rubbish to get stuck at the bottom it would have to be pushed tightly against the bin walls. Please put rubbish in the red bins loosely, to ensure that they get emptied completely. If you find that your food scraps are sticking, try putting some leaves, or a little bit of water in the bottom of your food scrap bin to loosen things up.
  • Did you used to get rubbish and recycling reminders on Antenno, but haven’t been getting them since the changeover? Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and then make sure that you add your specific address. If you input only a town’s name, then you won’t get all of the notifications we send, including rubbish reminders.
A message from our contractor


Thank you for your support over the past month.

Our new team, bins and systems are in place, but you may have noticed some of our food waste and glass recycling collections are running behind schedule.

This is because we have designed and commissioned new trucks to pick up your food waste and glass recycling at the same time. It’s a NZ-first innovation which means fewer trucks on the road, less carbon emissions and a healthier environment.

Unfortunately, there has been a holdup with our truck supplier which means we don’t currently have all the collection vehicles we need.

We’re very disappointed that we have not been able to deliver the expected level of service we wanted to. Please accept our sincere apologies.

The full consignment of trucks is scheduled to be delivered over the next few weeks, meaning we’ll soon be collecting all your waste and recycling on time, every time.

For now, if your collections are running behind schedule, please leave your bins out and we’ll collect them the next day.

The team wants to thank you for your patience, understanding and continuing support of our drivers. It means a lot.

The team at Waste Management, supported by Matamata Piako District Council

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