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HPMV approved roads

Full HPMV approved roads

(Permit Types “HPMV AWF”, “HPMV No AWF”, “User Defined”, “Class 1 AWF”)

Road Start or RP (m) End of RP (m) Full length
No 1 Rd SH 26 1,500 No
Hawes St SH 27 150 Yes
Factory Rd* Hawe St Link Road No
Link Road SH 27 Factory Road Yes
Te Poi Rd SH 24 SH 29 Yes
Taotaoroa Rd SH 29 District Boundary      No
Avenue Rd North SH 26 750 Yes
McRae St SH 26 Anderson St Yes
Anderson St Avenue Rd North      Lorne St No
Stanley Rd South       SH 26 1700 No
Rockford St SH 24 880 Yes
Garland St SH 24 400 Yes
Waihou St SH 24 500 Yes
Waiomou St 0 150 Yes
Pepper St 0 250 Yes
Dunlop Rd 0 550 No
Studholme St SH 26 Cureton St No
Firth St SH 27 Hinuera Rd Yes
Hinuera Rd Firth St Hopkins Rd No
Hopkins Rd SH 29 Hinuera Rd Yes
Wardville Rd SH 27 600 No
Burwood Rd SH 27 SH 24 Yes

*Some of this road is private road requiring separate approval

Restricted HPMV approved roads

(Permit Type “Class 1 AWF” only)

Road Start or RP (m) End or RP (m) Full length
Wood Rd                   SH 26                     2700                        No