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Electoral Expenses

Under the Local Electoral Act 2001 there are limits on how much candidates can spend on their election campaigns. The amount candidates can spend is determined by the population of the ward/area they are standing in. The maximum spend limits are: 

 Position Population as at 30
June 2021 *estimate
$ Expenditure limit
(incl. GST)
Mayoral candidate 36,300 $20,000
District Council candidate –
Matamata Ward
12,800 $14,000
District Council candidate –
Morrinsville Ward
11,700 $14,000
District Council candidate – Te
Aroha Ward
7,660 $7,000
Te Toa Horopū ā-Matamata-Piako 4,130 3,500

If a candidate stood for more than one position (e.g. mayor and councillor) then the higher limit applied (not both combined). 

These limits applied between 15 July 2022 and 8 October 2022.

The 'Return of Electoral Expenses and Donations' form must be supplied to the Electoral Officer within 55 days of the official declaration of election results.

Copies of the electoral expenses returns received by Council must be made publically available for 7 years after an election. These are available below:

2022 Electoral Returns


2019 Electoral Returns

2016 Electoral Returns