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Our district is at the Orange setting of the new traffic light system (COVID-19 Protection Framework). Council offices and facilities are open, please wear face coverings and scan in using your NZ COVID-19 Tracer app. For further details about Council Services at Orange, click here.

Te Aroha Ward

Te Aroha

Other Info
Boyd Park Stanley Ave 7am - 7pm Medium Cleaned twice weekly
Te Aroha Domain Te Aroha Domain 7am - 7pm Medium Cleaned 4 times weekly
Herries Park Rewi St 7am - 7pm Medium Unisex toilets, cleaned daily
Information Centre Te Aroha Domain, off Whitaker St 9am - 5pm Medium Unisex toilets, cleaned daily
Te Aroha Mineral Spas End of Spas building, Te Aroha Domain 8am - 10pm Medium Unisex toilets, cleaned daily
Te Aroha Cemetery Stanley Road South

8am - 9pm (during daylight saving)

8am - 6pm (outside daylight saving)

Low Cleaned weekly
Lawrence Ave Lawrence Ave 24 hours Medium Cleaned daily