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Map FAQs



How do I find my property?

Binoculars for GIS systemUse the 'Query window’ icon. 



Drop down menu for picture for GIS FAQs

Click the Drop Down menu; Click the Plus sign. Select: Address (house number without alpha and the first few characters of the road); Legal (description); Roadname; TownFeature; or Title (of the property).




JavaScript: The map is blank

Turn on JavaScript in your browser for the Portal to show the map data.

Is aerial imagery available?

We are currently running the urban (high resolution) imagery from 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014 and 2018. The rural (low resolution) imagery is from 2003, 2008 and 2012.

Can I see the District Plan?

Yes. The District Plan data is but it is NOT the legal District Plan version but rather a portrayal of it (the PDF versions of the District Plan make up part of the legal version).

How do I change maps?

The maps are all listed on the drop down arrow at top right.

Tools are not working

Once your session goes to sleep, features will no longer work. To reactivate your session, just use the “drag hand” to move the map a small amount (pan). This will cause “session resuming” to show and the map will refresh. All functionality will now be active eg Query, Print etc.

How do I navigate the map?

The mouse lets you pan. The wheel mouse lets you zoom in and out. If you have no wheel mouse use the Navigator.

Pan will not work properly

Make sure your view is set to 100% (zoom). In Internet Explorer 11 activate the Status bar and set the screen to 100% zoom for pan to work correctly. See the User Guide for more information.

What size pages can I print?

Printing size icon example for GIS system

 Use the Print map tool to create A4 or A3 pages in a variety of formats and orientation. Ensure you match Template size and Page size in the settings.


Can I turn features on and off?

In the left Side bar, under Map Content and Layers, click the plus sign to view all features in that Data Source. Tick or untick as required.

Can I control the feature colours?

Yes. Most features on the map can be customised with the colour, translucency, width, size, fill etc depending upon its type: Point, Linear (Line), Areal (Area), Compound (a mixture of all three); or Text. This includes your own Queries, Analyses etc ie these can be added into Map Content.

Can I highlight features on the map?

Yes. See the Advanced user guide. Refer to the link below.

Can I use Google Streetview?

Yes. Click “Show Streetview from point” and click on the map to see Google Streetview.

Can I use Open Street Maps?

Yes. Change maps to open Street Map. Change coordinate system. For more information see the Advanced User Guide.

Can I customise the maps?

Yes. The maps are highly customisable. See Advanced User Guide for ideas like User maps (save your own map). Click the link below.

Can I create a map and send it to someone else by email?

Yes. Once you have created or saved your own map, click “Show a link to the map”. Copy the link and email to someone.

Can I measure lines and areas?

Yes. See “Measurements” and the tool icons. More information is contained in the Advanced User Guide: See the link below.

Can I specify which features will map?

Yes. The “Analyses” and “Filtering” tools add or eliminate features you want. See the Advanced User Guide. The link is below.

What does the “a” mean when measuring area?

An “are” [a] is 100m2 or 119.60 square yards.

Do I need a Wheel Mouse

No but your experience on the GIS Portal will be greatly enhanced WITH one. The Navigator is there for users with no wheel mouse.

Help / “About” the software

Help Feature Icon for GIS systempng

For a full explanation of how to use all features, please launch GIS by agreeing to the Terms & Conditions, then click the 'About’ icon to activate a complete software guide.