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Tahuna Water Supply

Tahuna: Your water is safe to drink!

Your water comes from here: 

Tahuna Water supply

Amount of water: MPDC are consented to take up to 105m3/day or 105,000 (litres)

Number of samples taken: 94 compliance related samples for bacterial compliance – no E.coli detected in the samples

 What we achieved:

  • Part 4 of the DWSNZ (Treatment plant)
  • Part 4 of the DWSNZ (Distribution zone)
  •  Part 8 of the DWSNZ (Chemical compliance)
  •  Part 9  of the DWSNZ (Radiological compliance)

What we didn't achieve: 

  • Part 5 of the DWSNZ (protozoa compliance, process only).

Why we didn't achieve them:

  • The required amount of UV manual samples not obtained during some weeks
  • Missing data from some online instruments

How were adressing it:

  • Upgrading our communication network between  instruments at the treatment plant and our IT systems so that data cannot go missing
  •  District wide MPDC have invested over $2 million to date, to upgrade treatment plant instruments and processes with more money to follow
  •  Improving internal processes to ensure the required  number of UV manual samples are taken