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Water Compliance

Water treatment in the Matamata Piako district

We are consistently upgrading and improving our plants with cutting edge technology and systems to significantly improve the water infrastructure in our district.

This is improving our water quality, taste, appearance and supply, as well as keeping us to standard with the upcoming new water regulations from the Ministry of Health.

We are spending $2 million per year to replace pipes in our network, and are currently finding new water sources to provide fresh drinking water for you and your family and to allow for increasing demand as growth occurs in our district.

Click the menu to the side to see where your water comes from, and where our compliance sits against the new Ministry of Health Drinking Water Standards in New Zealand. Please note, these compliance reports are from the 2018/2019 compliance period. We are working hard to ensure that all these regulations are met continuously from now on. 

The diagram below shows the basic process of how your water is treated. All the water treatment plants in our district look slightly different, but they all share similar processes with the same result - clean, healthy water for you and your family.

Water compliance diagram web