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Additional Water Supply for Morrinsville

New temporary Water Treatment Plant for Morrinsville is in operation while the permanent plant is under construction

What's been done so far?

New treatment plant gives greater water security

Morrinsville’s water network has been given a boost with the new temporary water treatment plant now operational in the north east of town. It was connected to the water network on 10 October and has been well tested before leaving it to run 24/7.

Council made a commitment in the 2021-2031 Long Term Plan to develop a more resilient water supply network. Having the new Lockerbie source means there will be a continuous supply of water to the town even if there are issues at the Waterworks Road plant.

With a hot, dry summer predicted the temporary plant, which is fed by a new bore, will also help reduce the effects a dry summer might have on Morrinsville’s water supply.

Construction started on the Permanent Water Treatment Plant in November, which will be up and running by mid next year, according to Council’s water manager Karl Pavlovich. “A permanent water treatment plant takes a lot more time to get the necessary approvals and consents to build than the temporary option. The benefit of having a permanent water treatment plant is that it will be able to treat four times the amount of drinking water than what the temporary set up can.”

The additional water supply provides greater water security but does not mean the end to water restrictions. “We don’t have access to unlimited water,” says Pavlovich. “Our consents (with Waikato Regional Council) limit the amount of water we can take, and that’s why limiting its use will continue to happen when there’s a need to lower water demand. Water’s a precious resource and restrictions are part of Council’s overall water management strategy and are used to manage water demand at peak times of the year. However, we’ll be aiming to manage our water supplies to minimise level 3 and 4 restrictions in future.”

What’s happening next?

Physical works for the Permanent Water Treatment Plant commenced November 2023 and is due to be commissioned by mid 2024. The Permanent Water Treatment Plant will be able to treat four times the amount of drinking water than the Temporary Water Treatment Plant, and provide a more resilient water supply long term.

We're also working on a “Water Master Plan”. This plan will assess our current infrastructure and water use, and provide recommendations for how we can ensure continued supply of safe, clean drinking water to our growing communities for the next 50 years and allow for adequate funding in our Long Term Plan.