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Boyd Park

Boyd Park is located on the corner of Stanley Avenue and Spur Street and is the main sportsground for Te Aroha.

There are two very distinct areas to Boyd Park. Approximately two thirds of the reserve is wetland, known as the Howarth Memorial Wetland, which contains a wetland walk and a bird watching hut. The remaining third is developed sportsfields and associated club buildings.

The sportsfield area of Boyd Park has a high level of recreation development. Facilities include:

  • Te Aroha Tennis and Squash clubrooms with 3 hard surface tennis courts as well as several lawn tennis courts, and 3 squash courts
  • Te Aroha Netball Association clubrooms and 6 netball courts
  • Rugby and soccer fields
  • A.R. Johns Memorial grandstand, which also contains the Small Bore Rifle Association facilities and clubrooms·
  • Public toilets
  • Two carpark areas
  • BMX track
  • Children's playground
  • Helipad

Main users of Boyd Park include:

  • Te Aroha Tennis Club
  • Te Aroha Squash Club
  • Te Aroha Netball Club
  • Te Aroha Junior Basketball Club
  • Te Aroha Gymnastics Club
  • Te Aroha BMX Club
  • COBRAS Rugby
  • COBRAS Soccer
  • Small Bore Rifle Association
  • Agricultural and Pastoral Society
  • Te Aroha Fire Brigade
  • Westpac Air Ambulance
  • Fish and Game


Boyd Park was originally part of a large block of land that incorporated the hospital. The area was formerly administered by the Te Aroha Domain Board and had been used as a golf course, motor camp, A & P showground, rugby field and a rubbish dump. Many of Te Aroha’s leading citizens had been involved in the administration of the area and the A.R Johns Memorial grandstand honours the last chairman of that board. The former Te Aroha Borough Council took over responsibility for the area in 1968. The park was previously known as Stanley Avenue Recreation Reserve.

Boyd Park is a popular venue for holding events - contact us to make a booking!