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Mobile Shop & Street Stall

Check if you need a mobile trading licence

​If you have a mobile shop or commercial services business and want to trade in a public space, you will need a mobile trading licence.

A Mobile Shop licence is renewed annually.

Application to trade in a public place - Street Stall(pdf, 245KB)

Application to Operate a Mobile Shop in a Public Place (pdf, 274KB)

If you are a mobile shop or street stall selling food or coffee you will also need to be registered under the Food Act 2014

Trading in a public place

Information Pack - Mobile Shop

Information Pack - Street Stall  

A mobile trading licence allows you to trade from the approved location you apply for. A mobile trading licence does not:

  • give you a lease or designated use of the land
  • grant you a permanent site on public land
  • allow you to breach parking restrictions or road rules.