Amenity Indicators
(what we measure)


Amenity in the Matamata-Piako DistrictAmenity values are natural or physical qualities and characteristics of an area that contribute to people’s appreciation of its pleasantness, and cultural and recreational values.

Having a safe and healthy environment for living, working and recreation is important for Matamata-Piako residents. This involves maintaining generous access to daylight, sunlight and private open space, especially in urban areas.Amenity values can differ in rural areas to those in urban areas, as people in rural areas commonly both live and work on the land, and can be involved in activities that generate noise, odour, dust and other effects.


Amenity in the Matamata-Piako DistrictThe amenity and heritage values of Matamata, Morrinsville and Te Aroha could be adversely affected by unsuitable development. Amenity in rural areas can also be compromised by rural activities that generate noise, odour, dust and other effects.

In general, disturbance to amenity values as a result of legitimate farming activities is acceptable; however in urban areas and near large-scale rural industry it is expected that any significant negative effects on amenity values will be avoided, remedied or minimised.


Our Situation

The number of resource consent applications to breach Council's development control rules in the District Plan had decreased since 2009/10, but increased again in 2015/16. This is likely due to the relative number of dwellings being constructed, which has increased over the past year. There were 36 consents to breach the development control rules in 2012/13. Of those, 24 were for yard encroachments. In 2013/14 there were 23 yard encroachments in a total of 26 applications to breach council development controls. In 2014/15, 22 of 24 resource consents to breach development controls were for yard encroachments.  In 2015/16, 44 of 50 such applications were for yard encroachments. The noticeable increase in applications to breach development control rules is in line with the overall increase in the number of building consent applications. Yard areas provide space for outdoor activities and landscaping, and also create a pattern of open space and built up space, which forms the character of the district.