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Rates increase for 2022/23

We’ve adopted our Annual Plan. This is our detailed plan for the next 12 months - it's when we check our progress against what we said we’d do in the Long Term Plan, and make any changes and additions for the year ahead.

The Annual Plan includes some small changes to projects, and significant increases in inflation - but we’ve also made cut backs where we can. You can read more about what we’re planning here


Forecast rates increase for 2022/23


Actual total rates increase for 2022/23

How will it affect you?

The total rates increase means we need to collect 5.62% more in rates to deliver our services and projects for the next 12 months. This increase became effective from 1 July 2022 (i.e. you will first notice this change on your August rates bill).

Not every ratepayer will pay 5.62% more - some will pay more, some will pay less depending on what services you receive and the value of your property. This is because your rates bill is made up of three types of rates:

  • Targeted rates - charges for specific services, only charged to the people who receive those services (e.g. water, kerbside collection, rural halls).
  • District wide rates - these are charges for services that everyone benefits from(e.g. libraries, parks, roads). There are two types of district wide rates:
  • General rates - based on the capital value of your property - so the higher your property value, the more General Rates you pay.
  • Uniform Annual General Charge (UAGC) - a flat rate of $693.47 that everyone pays.

How revaluations affect rates

Revaluations only affect the General Rates portion of your total rates bill.

In late 2021 all ratepayers received their revaluation notices – these revaluations don’t change the amount of money we collect from rates - they just help us work out everyone’s share of the General rates.

Property values increased across the district by an average of 20.3%, but the increases across the district ranged from 0.2% right up to 80%. If your property has increased by more than the average, then you will pay a slightly larger share of the total general rates. If your property value has increased less than the average, you will pay a lower share of the total general rates.

Rates from July 2022

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Want more detail?

We’re not consulting on the Annual Plan this year, as our plans add up to a 5.59% total rates increase - very close to the 5.47% we forecast and consulted on last year.

Even though we’re not consulting, you can still read more about our plans for 2022/23       


We've also loaded our budgets into OrbViz - a cool tool that helps make budgets easy to view and understand - so that you can see exactly where your rates will go for the next 12 months.


Check out the 2022/23 Budget Tool