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Resource Consents

Applying for resource consents

Before applying for a resource consent from MPDC, you should phone us on 07 884 0060 and speak to the Duty Planner. They will answer any questions you have and supply you with the application forms.

Please note: when contacting the Duty Planner please make sure you have the legal description (or at least the correct physical address) of the property. Without the relevant property details, it is difficult for us to verify any information before answering your questions.

Application forms

Note: Applications with missing or inadequate information will be declined. We strongly recommend meeting with our Duty Planner to discuss your application before submitting it to help make the resource consent process as smooth as possible.


Click the form below to download an application form 

For information on how to pay and the charges click the below form


More information about applying for resource consents is available on the Ministry for the Environment's website.


About resource consents

Any proposed development, building project or other land use is assessed against the Matamata-Piako District Plan. Resource Consents can be broken down into two main categories; subdivision consents and landuse consents (both are explained in more detail below).

If the proposal is not provided for as a permitted activity or does not meet the criteria specified in the District Plan you will need to apply for a Resource Consent. Common examples of why you may require a resource consent include subdivision, building extra dwellings, moving a second hand building onto a property, or wanting to build close to a boundary.

Council's goal is to:

To promote the social and economic well-being of the community, while providing for the sustainable management of natural and physical resources, by undertaking statutory regulatory functions.

You can help us do this, by:

  • Contacting us if you become aware of any activity in the district that has a negative effect on the environment, so we can investigate and take action if necessary;
  • If a resource consent application affects you, becoming involved as an interested party, and giving us your views on how the application may affect you.

If you can help with either of these things, contact the Duty Planner at Council on 07 884 0060.

If your proposal involves an activity within, or near to a stream or river, the taking of water, or a discharge to air, land or water, you may need consent from Environment Waikato. For further information either contact Environment Waikato directly on 0800 400 401, or contact Council’s Duty Planner.

National Environmental Standard-Plantation Forestry (NES-PF) - Notification of Forestry Activites

To find our more or fill in a notification form click here.


Natural, Cultural and Built Heritage Grant

We have set aside funds to assist non-profit community organisations to fund the costs of resource consent applications. Check out the Natural, Cultural and Built Heritage Grant page for more details.

New Road Naming Policy

Please be advised that Council now have a new Road Naming Policy.