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We have approximately $534 million invested in infrastructure assets in our district. This accounts for around half of our operating expenditure. In recent years we’ve completed some significant upgrades to our wastewater system and we’ve extended the water and wastewater supplies in places like Tahuna, Waharoa and Raungaiti to improve the health of these communities. Council utilities (roads and footpaths including water supplies; sewage treatment and disposal and stormwater) provide a solid base for economic activity.

Water supply

Matamata-Piako has available, high quality water resources supplied to both residents and businesses. This natural high quality water requires minimal treatment – meaning it is safe to drink with minimal energy and cost required. Water supply networks are well maintained and future-proofed for population growth.

Wastewater disposal

Wastewater is managed through state of the art treatment plants, providing the highest level of nutrient removal available and minimal environmental impact. Our wastewater service ensures that wastewater (sewage and grey water that goes down the drains) is collected, treated and disposed of appropriately for the health and wellbeing of our community. The treatment process is particularly important as after wastewater is treated properly, it is discharged into our environment. We have recently upgraded our treatment plants so we are in a good position to meet environmental standards and accommodate growth in our towns. We also provide wastewater services to large industries such as Fonterra dairy factories and Greenlea Meats in Morrinsville. Where possible we partner with business to find solutions to waste disposal.


Stormwater systems safely and efficiently drain surface water to minimise flooding in our communities. We ensure stormwater is well managed and work with property owners to improve stormwater and reduce flooding. We currently have stormwater drainage systems in Matamata, Morrinsville, Te Aroha, Waharoa and a limited system in Hinuera. These systems include a mix of pipes, open channels and drains.


Within the district there are 1,006 kilometres of road (excluding State Highways) consisting of:

  • 948.5 kilometres of sealed roads
  • 57.5 kilometres of unsealed roads
  • 350 bridges

We also have 197 kilometres of footpaths and over 3,100 streetlights throughout the district.

Our unsealed roads are a very small proportion of our total network compared to other rural local authorities The total value of this network is $459 million. It costs nearly $12.5 million per year to maintain and improve the roading network. We have an on-going maintenance and renewal programme that ensures we maintain a good roading system that supports investment in our district.

Energy supplies

Electricity supply is readily available in our area. Transpower own and operates the National Grid which carries electricity throughout our district. PowerCo are the local lines operator and Vector Gas is the gas supplier in the Matamata-Piako District. Gas is available in Morrinsville with smaller local distribution pipes running to various commercial operations near Matamata (such as chicken hatcheries).There are opportunities for businesses to use the gas network.

Telecommunications / Broadband

Matamata-Piako has comprehensive broadband support and our three main towns of Matamata, Morrinsville and Te Aroha has access to ultra-fast broadband (fibre).

Matamata-Piako’s digital features include:

  • ADSL 2 and VDSL broadband coverage (in parts)
  • Several internet providers who operate from the district.
  • Some Wifi coverage.
  • Prioritising business and educational sector connections to a fibre-based 100Mb network.
  • Provision of fast-broadband (fibre) to schools - some businesses have leveraged off the school connections.
  • Implementing projects to increase broadband uptake including greater internet access for business, the community and visitors.

Rubbish and recycling

We have a weekly rubbish and fortnightly recycling collection service for around 9,500 households and businesses in the district. Council labelled rubbish bags can be purchased from Council offices or local supermarkets.

Council also operate three transfer stations located at Matamata, Morrinsville and Waihou, where rubbish and recycling can be dropped off (from which we arrange for disposal to landfill).