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Your Voice, Your Vision


In July/August 2020 we asked you to submit your ideas for making Matamata-Piako The Place of Choice. We received 127 ideas from across our community. The top three ideas that received the most votes were;
- Mountain Bike Skills Park in Te Aroha
- Stage for Matamata-Piako Civic and Memorial Centre
- Dog exercise area at Swap Park in Matamata

We are currently preparing business cases for these three ideas, including feasibility and cost, which will be brought back to Council for consideration as part of the 2021-31 Long Term Plan.

Many of the ideas submitted are already being considered for our Long Term Plan, while other ideas rely on third party organisations to progress any further. We will provide comments on all submitted ideas and post them on this page.


Mountain Bike Skills Park for Te Aroha
Idea description:

The Te Aroha Mountain Bike Club proposes redeveloping the Tui Park Reserve land into a bike skills park/native reserve area that will cater for beginners to advanced riders. As well as an easy grade wildlife track for walkers. Facilities could include a balance bike slope, a technical skills area and a grade 2-3 track that incorporates the skills needed to advance into riding the existing local tracks, a biodiversive wildlife planting with walking tracks tying it all together. We would like to use this area because it already has natural terrain and features that we can utilise, it's in a central location that's easily accessible with roadside parking available.


How this will benefit the community:

We think the benefits to the community are almost unlimited! But to name a few; It encourages both physical and mental fitness which fits in with the towns focus on health and wellbeing. It can be utilised by schools for events and fun days, local families for entertainment and bonding time, physiotherapists and health professionals for health treatments. It will benefit local business's by providing an activity that is suitable for all ages, encouraging visitors to come stay the weekend, who will then use local accommodation and local business's services. It'll provide an all year round, all weather activity for all ages, fitness levels and abilities. The town will benefit from more native wildlife that will live locally and visit during migration seasons, it'll provide a beautiful green space and carbon capture area that will grow and mature as the years go by providing a long lasting asset for generations to come.


Council Comment:

Council is currently preparing a business case forthis idea. If the business case stacks up, the proposal for a stage will be considered as part of the Long Term Plan 2021-31.

Council has prepared an initial business case to look at a Mountain Bike skills park in the lower part of Tui Park. There are a few unknowns that would still need to be ironed out - but subject to some hurdles this could be a feasible project.

Parking, track construction, resource consents and engineering/survey costs mean that costs would be in excess of $165,000. We would also need to do a lot more consultation with the community, other park users, Iwi and adjacent land owners on this project. Plus ongoing operating costs would also need to be considered.

At this stage, Council has indicated that it would be prepared in principle to make the land available for development as a skills park - but community and neighbour support and fundraising will be needed before this project can progress. Council has also allocated $200,000 in 2023/24 in the draft Long Term Plan budgets for the redevelopment of lower Tui Park – this would include the potential development of a dog park, alongside the Mountain Bike skills park.

Read the initial business case here