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From 1 July 2024, the Refuse Transfer Station fees and charges have increased, see the details in the updated document here.

Glass crate FAQs

Your Glass Crate

Your 45L blue glass crate will be collected fortnightly. It takes clean glass bottles and jars, with the lids removed. Other types of glass - drinking glasses, lightbulbs, window glass - cannot be recycled because they melt at different temperatures. You can leave on the labels and little plastic necklaces, as these will melt off in the recycling process. See more details below or contact us if you are ever unsure and want to check.

See the Ministry for the Environment guidelines around glass collection here.

FAQs - glass recycling
What can I put in my glass recycling?

You can put glass jars and bottles that have been used to package food or drink in your glass recycling crate. They must be clean and lids must be removed. You don't need to peel the label off.