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From 1 July 2024, the Refuse Transfer Station fees and charges have increased, see the details in the updated document here.

Food scrap bin FAQs

Your Food Scrap Bin

Your green food scraps bin will be collected weekly. The food scaps bin is for items like fruit, vegetables, bread, uneaten leftovers, and coffee grounds. It will even take meat, bones, eggshells and fruit stones. The only compost-type products that you can't put in your bin are: feet, feathers, tea bags, paper towels, bin liners and "biodegradable products." These can all go in your red rubbish bin instead. For more details, see the FAQ section below, or get in touch and we'll be happy to answer any questions.

See the Ministry for the Environment guidelines around food scraps here.

FAQs - food scraps bin
I don't need a food scrap bin because I compost my food waste

Home composting is great, and if you're already doing this, we encourage you to keep doing it!

The food scraps bin can still be used for things that don't go in your compost bin (like meat scraps, bones, eggs shells, bread crusts etc) and for things that don't compost well (like citrus scrap, fruit stones, corn cobs etc)