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Council in Focus

Council in Focus is our fortnightly newspaper page, which contains all the latest Council news and information. Editions from the past six months are available below. 

April 2017

Matamata Chronicle 26 April 2017 (1.5mb)

Piako Post 26 April 2017 (1.5mb)

Matamata Chronicle 12 April 2017 (2.8mb)

Piako Post 12 April 2017 (2.8mb)

March 2017

Matamata Chronicle and Piako Post 29 March 2017 (pdf, 1.3mb)

Matamata Chronicle 15 March 2017 (pdf, 1.2mb)

Piako Post 15 March 2017 (pdf, 1.2mb)

Matamata Chronicle and Piako Post 1 March 2017 (pdf, 4mb)

February 2017

Piako Post and Matamata Chronicle 15 February 2017 (pdf, 1mb)

Piako Post 1 February 2017 (pdf, 4.5mb)

Matamata Chronicle CIF 1 February 2017 (pdf, 4.5mb)

January 2017

Piako Post and Matamata Chronicle 18 January 2017 (pdf, 4mb)

December 2016

Piako Post 21 December (pdf, 2.3mb)

Matamata Chronicle 21 December (pdf, 4.9mb)

Piako Post 6 December (pdf, 1.6mb)

Matamata Chronicle 6 December (pdf, 1.5mb)

November 2016

Piako Post 23 November (pdf, 1mb)

Matamata Chronicle 23 November (pdf, 1mb)

Piako Post 9 November (pdf, 950kb)

Matamata Chronicle 9 November (pdf, 1.1mb)

October 2016

Piako Post 26 October (pdf, 5mb)

Matamata Chronicle 26 October (pdf, 2.6mb)

Piako Post 12 October (pdf, 1.6mb)

Matamata Chronicle 12 October (pdf, 1.6mb)

September 2016

Piako Post 28 September (pdf, 827mb)

Matamata Chronicle 28 September (pdf, 1.8mb)

Piako Post 14 September (pdf, 812kb)

Matamata C hronicle 14 September (pdf, 812kb)

August 2016

Piako Post 31 August (pdf, 559kb)

Matamata Chronicle 31 August (pdf, 842kb)

Piako Post 17 August (pdf, 847kb)

Matamata Chronicle (pdf, 504kb)

Piako Post 3 August (pdf, 1mb)

Matamata Chronicle 3 August (pdf, 893kb)

July 2016

Piako Post 20 July (pdf, 1.1mb)

Matamata Chronicle 20 July (pdf, 1.1mb)

Piako Post 6 July (pdf, 896kb)

Matamata Chronicle 6 July (pdf, 904kb)