Water metering

Who is metered for water?

Currently only extraordinary water consumers (those who use more than the average residential property without a swimming pool) are metered for water - everyone else pays a fixed amount in their rates.

The majority of those who are metered for water are billed quarterly (at the end of March, June, September and December), however, extremely high users (such as industrial users) are billed monthly.


How can I pay my water bill?

Pay by Visa or MasterCard

You can pay by credit card on the pay my water bill page of this website or at any council office. Simply fill in the form on this page and you will be redirected to a secure Flo2Cash payment page to complete the transaction. Please note that all credit card transactions will incur a Flo2Cash convenience fee. We do not receive any part of this fee. 

Direct Debit 

Direct Debit is the easiest way to pay your Council bills – you don’t have to worry about organising payment, we simply deduct the amount owing from your account when it is due. You can apply to set up a direct debit online. 

Telephone banking

Payments can also be made using Telephone Banking. There are specific codes required with your payment so if you wish to set up Telephone Banking please contact us to ensure you use the correct code and account reference.

In Person

Water bills can be paid in person at any Council Office. All offices can accept payment by EFTPOS, as well as by credit card or cash. Please note that credit card facilities are only available online (we do not accept credit cards at Council offices).