Te Aroha Water Supply

Te Aroha -  Your water is safe to drink!

  • Tunakahoia intake
  • Tutumangao intake
  • Waihou River intake
  • Pohomihi intake

Amount of water: MPDC are consented to take up to 10,000m3 or 10million litres per day.

Population: 3768 (as at 2016)

The plant’s daily production is equivalent to a population of approximately 20,000 domestic users due to industry water demands. 


Your water comes from here:

 Te Aroha Water treatment plant

Te Aroha Water Source Two


Number of samples taken: 219 compliance related samples for bacterial compliance– no E.coli detected in the samples


What we achieved: 

  • Part 4 of the DWSNZ (treatment plant)
  • Part 4 of the DWSNZ (distribution zone)
  • Part 7 of the DWSNZ (cyanotoxin compliance)
  • Part 8 of the DWSNZ (chemical compliance)

What we didn't achieve: 

  •  Part 5 of the DWSNZ (protozoa compliance process only)

Why we didn't achieve them:

  • The NTU (unit to measure water clarity) for the water coming out of the filters was more than the specified time allowance of three minutes – we could not prove this was the case

How we're addressing it:

  • District wide, we have invested over $2 million to upgrade treatment plant instruments and processes
  • Investigating why automatic shutdown features on filters were failing
  • Full alarm review has taken place, improving the timeframe between when non-compliances are about to occur and when the alarms are sent to our water treatment technicians (creating faster response times)


Te Aroha West Water Supply

For the 2018-2019 compliance year Te Aroha West residents were on a permanent boil water notice, which had been going for many years.

Te Aroha West is now a part of the Te Aroha Water Supply.

  • Pohomihi. Number of samples taken: 59 samples obtained– 1 x incident of E.coli detected in a treated water sample, which resulted in a the continuience of the boil water notice for Te Aroha West. The water supply for Te Aroha West  has been connected to the new water supply coming from the main Te Aroha Water Supply.