Senior Person's Rental Housing Applications

To be eligible for senior person's housing you must be able to demonstrate that you have a housing need. You must receive a Government, or similar type of pension and have limited financial assets (such as bank accounts, investment, shares, property etc). Material possessions, such as a car or furniture or appliances, are not taken into account

People who only need a home for a short time or those who have behaved badly in a previous tenancy are likely to be considered ineligible for Council accommodation. Units are for seniors, generally singles with some units available for couples, they aren't suitable for families.

Council has 11 blocks of units throughout the district for you to choose from. Depending on the current situation there may be a flat available now, otherwise you will have to go on a waiting list to wait for a vacancy to occur. Because tenancies are not fixed-term we can’t predict how long this may take.

You can download a copy of the application form using the button below. To have a form posted to you, call Customer Services on 0800 746 467 or you may collect one from your local area office.

Pensioner Housing application form