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Time to renew your dog registration

As of 1 July 2024, 85% of the Animal Control service (including dog registration) will be funded by user charges.

Below is a list of fees and charges for the 2024/25 year:

  • Full dog registration fee: $157
  • Minus rebates if applicable
  • Late payment (after 31 July) will result in a 50% penalty fee. An infringement fine of $300 for keeping an unregistered dog may also be issued.

The approximately 30% increase in the fee from $120 to $157 reflects both Council’s desire to move more to user pays and the significant increase in costs for this activity – particularly overheads and legal, salaries, vet and sustenance costs.

Rebates - want to pay lower fees?

Rebates reward responsible dog owners. These rebates include:

  • No complaints rebate - $35 rebate: Every owner is automatically eligible for this rebate unless a dog you own has been impounded during the previous and/or current registration year*, your registration fees weren't paid on time or we have received a complaint that has been followed up and found to be justified.  
  • Desexed/working/Dogs New Zealand breeder rebate– total $30 rebate: If you have previously received this rebate you will automatically be eligible. You can only claim one of the desexed/working dog/Dogs New Zealand breeder rebates per dog. To claim this rebate you must provide either a copy of a vet certificate for a desexed dog rebate, complete a working dog declaration form or provide your annual Dogs New Zealand breeder papers.
  • Responsible Owner Rebate - $15 rebate: If you have previously received a responsible owner's rebate you will automatically be eligible for this rebate unless a dog you own has been impounded during the previous and/or current registration year*, we have received a complaint that has been followed up and found to be justified or you don't pay your fees before 31 July.  If you've never had a responsible owner's rebate you can apply for one at any Council office by completing a short test, signing the terms and conditions form, and having your property inspected by one of our Animal Control Officers. If you have an urban property your section must be fully fenced to qualify. 

*Registration year runs from 1 July to 30 June.


How to register/re-register your dog

Your dog registration notice includes all the information on how to re-register your dog. You can do this by:

  • Visiting any Council office, Monday-Friday 8am-4.30pm
  • Using our online form (your registration tag will be mailed to you)

The fastest way to get dog registration notices is via email. You can provide us your email address by opting in to Animal Control email updates here.


Frequently asked questions

What does my dog registration pay for?

Registration fees help us to provide a number of important services to the community including:

  • Animal Control Officers available 24/7
  • Dog park, dog poo bin and water fountain maintenance.
  • Responding to complaints for barking or wandering dogs, dog attacks and aggressive dogs.
  • Carrying out street patrols and property inspections.
  • Impounding and pound facilities. This includes maintaining facilities, impounding wandering dogs, notifying you if your dog is impounded, caring for impounded dogs, rehoming dogs and euthanising dogs not suitable for rehoming.
  • Following up unregistered dogs and prosecuting offending owners.
  • Administration for maintaining a register of dog records in the Matamata-Piako District and the National Dog Database. Every territorial authority must keep a register of all dogs registered with it in accordance with the Dog Control Act 1996.


What happens if my dog dies?

You may wish to apply for a refund of your registration fees by completing the online form below that will notify us of a dog's death. Council will then refund a proportion of the registration fee, calculated on the number of complete months left in the registration year. Please include a deposit slip or a print out showing your bank account number when applying for a refund. 

Notify us of a dog's death


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