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District now on level one water restrictions

Water restriction roadside signs will be going up around the district over the next few weeks as we move into the start of water restrictions. The district moved into level one water restrictions on 20 December 2023 as NIWA continues to predict record temperatures this summer. With the hottest months still to come, the weather is being monitored closely.

“We don’t have an unlimited supply of water, and we know that drought can creep up on us quickly, so every drop we save now helps to avoid tighter water restrictions in the weeks and months ahead.” says Council’s water manager Karl Pavlovich.

New Zealanders are generally high water users and restrictions are used to manage the demand for water. “It takes a recommended 50 litres per day to meet one person’s basic water needs but in New Zealand the average person uses about 227 litres of water per day - with most of that water being used in the bathroom.”

Under level one restrictions, residents on town water supply are being asked to use water sensibly. This includes only using sprinklers from 6-8am and 6-8pm. Hand held watering can happen anytime but by avoiding the hottest part of the day it reduces the amount of water that evaporates which is good for the plants and uses every drop well.

Level one water restrictions also apply to businesses, educational institutions and commercial customers where water is being used for non-core business purposes. For example, using a sprinkler to water a garden or shrub outside a lawyers office, school or restaurant would not be considered core business. Their core business is providing legal advice, education and food – not gardening or landscaping.

While the current focus is to reduce outdoor water use, people are being asked to save water wherever possible inside and outside of the home and office.

For water saving ideas keep an eye on the Matamata-Piako District Council Facebook page and check out