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Hetana Street Reserve classifications decision

Council recently sought public feedback on the proposed classification of a part of the Hetana Street Reserve. This was to assist the Matamata Community Health Shuttle (MCHST) to relocate and extend their existing garage to accommodate for additional fleet.

Under the Reserves Act 1977, public consultation is required on any proposed change in reserve classification. We then asked you to have your say from 6 September – 14 October. Several submitters, while supportive of the health shuttle’s services were concerned about the potential loss of public green land, the proposed garage having visual amenity impacts on the reserve and potential impacts on the oak trees.

Council decided to appoint an independent commissioner to consider and hear the submitters at a hearing and make recommendations to Council. This decision was made to provide the public and submitters with more confidence that we were undertaking an unbiased, transparent decision-making.

Council has decided to accept the independent commissioners recommendation to not classify part of the Hetana reserve as local purpose (community) reserve, and instead, to classify all of it as a recreation reserve. This came after careful consideration of the commissioner’s report and recommendations at a Council meeting on Wednesday 22 March.

This will mean that MCHST are not able to build on the proposed on the vicinity of the sculpture garden. However Council remains committed to supporting the Trust who provide a valued community service and is open to exploring alternative ways that we can support them to secure a long-term site for a garage to house its vehicle fleet.

The classification of a recreation reserve, protects the space for a variety of recreation related activities. It also achieves the purpose of which the reserve was acquired for and consistent with the current classification of the majority of the reserve including the Oak plantation and Village Green.

Council would also like to thank submitters for their valuable contributions, which played a huge part in the decision-making process from the consultation phase till now. Meeting minutes from Wednesday 22 March Council meeting will be available on our website in the next week.

You can find out more about the Hetana Street Reserve Classification and submissions received at