Water restrictions lowered to Level 1

More consistent rain last week has led to water restrictions being lowered to level one across the district.

“It’s a little early to remove water restrictions completely”, says Council’s Water and Wastewater Manager Karl Pavlovich. “Water use is still quite high. It’s been a really dry autumn and we hope the change of weather is a sign we’ll start getting more regular rain.”

Under level one restrictions, residents on town water supply are asked to be mindful about their water use. This includes only using sprinklers from 6-8am and 6-8pm. Hand held watering can happen anytime and trigger nozzles should be used on hoses.

Level one water restrictions also apply to businesses, educational institutions and commercial customers where water is being used for non-core business purposes. For example, using a sprinkler to water a garden or shrub outside a lawyers office, school or restaurant would not be considered core business. Their core business is providing legal advice, education and food – not gardening or landscaping.

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