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Budget 2022/23

Last year we consulted widely on our plans for the next 10 years and what they were likely to cost. We're sticking to the plan for the year ahead, and those plans add up to a 5.62% total rates increase - very close to the 5.47% we forecast and consulted on last year. Because we're not planning anything extra, and the costs are so close to what we had already consulted on, Council has opted not to consult with the community on the 2022/23 Annual Plan and budget. 

Even though we're not consulting, we want to make sure you can see what we're planning and how we're funding it. 

Over the last few weeks we've been sharing our progress over the last twelve months and more details about what we're planning for the year ahead.

We've also shared details of the rates increases for 2022 and how those will affect different property owners. You can even search for your own property here to see how your rates are likely to change from 1 July. 


Check out the budget in detail

We've also loaded our entire budget into OrbViz - a cool tool that helps make budgets easy to view and understand.  So you can see exactly what we're planning to spend over the next 12 months and where the money for those services and projects is coming from (e.g. rates, user fees, government subsidies etc). Every service or project is shown as a bubble - the bigger the bubble, the greater the cost. You can click on any bubble for more information. 

Check out the 2022/23 Budget Tool