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You told Tom!

What a fantastic turn out! Hundreds of people voted for their favourite playground concept design for Thomas Park, with Concept A (pictured) coming out on top!

We heard from a great range of people including about 500 children, over 200 parents/caregivers, teens, grandparents, other users and people who were just interested in what was going on at the popular Thomas Park. 

As well as receiving over 50% of the overall vote, about half of those who voted for Concept B or C chose Concept A as their second choice, so we're fairly confident the majority of people who voted will be pleased as punch with the playground heading their way. 

What now? We’ll review your feedback, work with local iwi on opportunities for cultural expression in the design and run it by a certified playground expert to check all the bits and bobs work well together and comply with the safety standards.  

Then it’s time to place our order, book the installers and away we go!   

As all of the designs were concepts, we’ll need to run the winner by the experts and see what works and what doesn’t in real life. The final product may look a little different, if so, we’ll let you know what additions/changes have been made so you and all the fabulous kids who voted, know what to expect. All going well, a new playground will be coming your way in September/October this year.

Thank you for taking part! To see the winning design and check out how many votes each playground received, head to

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