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Rapid growth creates delays

Our district has experienced significant growth in the last 12 months and it is showing no sign of slowing down.   

“This growth is really positive, because it means people want to live and invest here,” says Group Manager Community Development, Dennis Bellamy, “but it also creates a major challenge for Council. The additional subdivisions and consents for landuse or development each require communication back and forward with the customer and assessments from planners and engineers. While we are doing those things, we are also tackling customer enquiries, the planning side of Building Consents and processing LIM reports.”

“We have bought extra staff on board and are also using external contractors, but due to the volume of work across the country and a national shortage of planners and engineers, we are still currently unable to meet the statutory time frames without extensions.”

Resource Consents, engineering approval, subdivision approval and responses to general planning enquiries are all taking longer than usual due to these issues. We know this is frustrating for people, but ask for your patience as our team are doing everything they can to process applications and enquiries as fast as possible.

There are some ways customers can also help avoid unnecessary delays with processing their resource consent application, including:

  • Speaking with a Duty Planner about your consent application before lodging it, to ensure you’ve addressed all the requirements in your application. You can contact the Duty Planner on 0800 746 467 and they will aim to respond within 3 working days. 
  • Ensuring every part of the application form is complete, and you have attached all the required documents.
  • If you aren’t sure about the process or information required or have a complex application we recommend you hire a consultant or surveyor to assist with your application.