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My Vaccine Pass requirements

Council has decided to keep with our current approach in following the government guidelines for events and public facilities at Orange for all of our offices and public facilities except Te Aroha Mineral Spas (this will come into effect in due course, we will provide a date once confirmed). 

Council also decided the My Vaccine Pass will no longer be required for those physically attending Council or Committee meetings at Orange, to align with the requirements for offices and public facilities. 

Council considered staff feedback, feedback they’ve received from ratepayers and strict safety measures already in place at all sites including risk assessments for all positions. The decision applies at the Orange setting only. Council indicated the My Vaccine Pass may be required at all offices and public facilities at Red, however this would be reviewed at an extraordinary Council meeting should the situation arise.

My Vaccine Pass is required at Orange at the following Council facilities:

Domain House Beauty customers require a My Vaccine Pass (digital or printed version) as per government requirements for close-contact businesses.

Events or gatherings over 50 people as per government guidelines at Orange.

Te Aroha Mineral Spas customers will require a My Vaccine Pass at Orange in due course. We will provide an update once a date has been confirmed.

Please note, children under the age of 12 years and 3 months do not need to provide a My Vaccine Pass to enter places with a vaccination requirement.

In the meantime, please remember to be gracious and respectful to our staff as we navigate the new traffic light system. The impact of COVID-19 affects us all in different ways and it’s important we stay kind and patient with each other. 
Remember to wear a face covering and scan in using your COVID-19 Tracer App (or use your COVID-19 Tracer booklet or sign in) as per usual when visiting our offices and facilities at Orange. If you need support, please remember to reach out and get the help you need.

Please see our list of Council services at Orange.