Rates revaluations

We charge three different types of rates in our district:

  • General rates - based on the value of your property, usually for services that everyone benefits from, like roads, parks, governance, libraries etc.
  • Uniform Annual General Charge (UAGC) - a flat rate charged to every property, also for services that everyone benefits from. 
  • Targeted rates - rates for specific services, only paid for by the people who receive that service - like kerbside collection, water and rural halls.

To help us calculate how much General Rates people need to pay, we complete revaluations of all properties in the district every three years. These have just been completed and ratepayers should receive their updated valuation in the mail in the next couple of weeks.

Does a higher valuation mean I will pay higher rates? Not neccessarily. We collect $20 million of general rates across the whole district. The revaluation doesn’t change the amount of money we collect, but how we “slice the pie” changes to reflect the changes in property value. A 40% increase in your value definitely does not mean a 40% increase in your rates, because most properties have substantially increased in value. Your rates will only be affected if your property value has increased signficantly more than the average. Because how we slice the pie is changing, some properties may see a decrease in the general rates, even if their capital value increased.

I disagree with my valuation - can I object? We encourage you to phone us on 0800 746 467 to discuss your concerns first. If you still wish to object after speaking with our team, you’ll then have until 2 December to lodge an objection. This needs to include your property details, contact details, an estimate of what you realistically believe the value should be, and evidence to support your estimated value.