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The Better Cities Film Festival "Best of Fest" showcase
Thursday 18 August 2022, 08:00am - 05:00pm
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Pride of Place Presents:

The Better Cities Film Festival "Best of Fest" showcase

  • Friday 19 August, 2022
  • Morrinsville Museum, 41 Canada St
  • 6pm – 8pm

We are currently asking the Morrinsville community about their loves, hopes and feels for their town centre as part of the Pride of Place project

The programme kicked off on 1 August with a workshop with a group of ‘future thinkers’ – people from all walks of life who are excited to be part of revitalizing Morrinsville’s town centre. Through this workshop we already identified some key themes – like destination events, busking and performances and activities for kids and young people.

“This project is all about listening and understanding what’s important to the people of Morrinsville, and we've already heard a clear theme around events and activities – so we’ve jumped on an opportunity to share the ’Best of Fest’ showcase from the international 2021 Better Cities Film Festival",” said Council's Placemaking and Engagement Lead, Jennifer Mahon. 

The 'Best of Fest' screening will share a series of award winning short films from around the world of ordinary people building better communities.

“This isn't about watching what others have done and replicating it in Morrinsville," emphasised Ms Mahon. "But we're hoping it will help ignite ideas and connect people to their town centre. You can come and be part of this unique event, and at the same time share your own loves and aspirations to help shape your town centre."

The event is free, but tickets are limited with only 40 seats available. Two local community groups will also be selling hot food, snacks and drinks at the event, with all proceeds going back to those groups.

Location Morrinsville Museum, 41 Canada St