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Pride Of Place Morrinsville

Hey Morrinsville! We're kicking off an exciting new project this month to get your town centre buzzing.

Pride of Place is about teaming up with our communities to enable fun, creative and meaningful initiatives that will make your town centre a place you’re proud of and want to spend more time in - a place that is vibrant, safe, welcoming, accessible, fun, [insert your own aspiration here!]. A place for everyone.

It's about placemaking - where we turn ordinary spaces into great places. Places that act as a magnet for people to stay longer and keep coming back.

It starts with understanding your loves, hopes and feels for your town centre so together we can figure out what’ll make your town centre buzz. After all, you’re the experts! So this month we'll be out and about talking to the Morrinsville community - and we want to hear from everyone! That includes you. And your mum, and your neighbour, and your kids. Everyone!

A team of local experts will help us prioritise those ideas and then we’ll help the community bring those ideas to life – to see what's possible, by using town centre spaces differently. That could be temporary pop ups, events, markets, festivals, displays, entertainment, street art – or something else entirely (check out this page for examples of placemaking in action)

Trying new things will help us figure out what works - and what doesn't, to create the winning formula for your town centre.

Keen to get involved? There are heaps of ways you can join the conversation:

  • Chat with our team while we're out and about - we'll be popping up at loads of places around Morrinsville during August
  • Answer the simple, fun questions on the PoP Morrinsville page
  • Sign up for email updates on the project - choose Pride of Place (town centre improvements) - Morrinsville