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No trees to replace Tamihana Street's phoenix palms

Council has decided not to replace the 18 phoenix palms that were removed from Tamihana Street in Matamata. 

Last year we removed the 18 phoenix palms following community concerns around the smell and mess made by the pigeons and the safety concerns regarding the fallen barbed fronds.  

We originally planned to replant in Tamihana Street but following the removal of the palms, some residents of the street asked us to consider not replacing them and a plan on how to go forward was discussed at Council.

Rather than consult the whole community for a decision that would directly affect the Tamihana Street homeowners, Council made the decision to only seek feedback from those residents.

“Trees add so much value to properties, more than just softening up an environment,” said Cr. Adrienne Wilcock. “Centennial Drive contributes to this on Tamihana and connected streets with an abundance of trees and shrubs. 

“We were all very interested to know what the residents wanted and what how important they felt replacement trees would add to their properties and we were happy to proceed with whatever option the residents decided on.”   

We sent letters to the 46 homeowners, giving them the opportunity to have their say on the following options: replace the phoenix palms with kahikatea and kowhai or kahikatea and maple, to not replace them, or suggest something else entirely.

We received 22 replies, 13 of which asked us not to replant and led to our decision to not replace the phoenix palms on Tamihana Street.

Cr Wilcock said she understands not everyone will be happy with Council’s decision to leave the decision up to Tamihana Street residents, rather than the community, but said she felt Council had done right by the property owners in this case.

“Consultation is an important process of Council and since we sent the letters to residents, telling them of our decision to not replant, some of the residents have contacted us in appreciation for how we had approached the issue.  

“We are grateful to all the residents who took the time to have their say,” said Cr Wilcock.  

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